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  1. Viola

    Viola 3DRnB Forum Admin Staff Member

    Leave your questions regarding Shaders and we will respond as soon as possible
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  2. Richard J

    Richard J New Member


    Looking forward to this forum getting up and running

    Has there been any other updates since November for the people that bought the shaders bundle?


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  3. Viola

    Viola 3DRnB Forum Admin Staff Member

    Hi @Richard J ! We are really glad you joined our forum, we hope it will be a place where we can all share and learn new things! ;)

    The Bundle is complete, but we will reorganize all the materials as soon as possible and share it with all those that bought them.

    I can also tell you that as soon as the new VrayforC4D V.3 will be released we will create some specific new shaders and will offer a discount to all those that bought our complete bundle.

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